Openwrt soft routing Passwall plug-in configuration network March 17, 2020 | 1 min Read

Openwrt soft routing Passwall plug-in configuration network


The UI interface of different versions of passwall may be different, There are many versions of openwrt, and the plug-ins may be incompatible. If you cannot subscribe to use, please update the latest version of Passwall, which is currently maintained by xiaoruoji github:

Also: If the setting cannot be completed and the subscription address cannot be obtained, please wait or restart the router or upgrade the latest version If it continues to fail, please replace the plugin: openwrt ssr+ opnewrt plugin network configuration

Preliminary preparation - get subscription address

  • Computer desktop browser input browser input Select Subscribe ➔ My Subscription , find the “One-click Subscribe” button, Click “Copy Subscription Address”. Figure 0
Figure 0 Browser input "", copy subscription

PASSWALL configure subscription and open proxy connection

  • Enter the Openwrt soft router address in the browser, select [Service] ➔ [Passwall] in the menu, and enter the Passwall configuration

    Select 【Node Subscription

    In the **Node Subscription** tab, first click the Add button below, as shown in Figure 1, to enter the next page. figure 1


  • Add a new node page, as shown in Figure 2. Click the icon to add the name, subscribe URL, and turn on automatic update every day. Then click Save & Apply.


  • Note that it may not take effect immediately after saving, you need to wait or restart the router.

    At this time, at the bottom of the node subscription, there is an extra subscription just added, and then click manual subscription (very important, otherwise the node will not come out), and the subscription will be updated at this time, if your subscription address It cannot be accessed normally, you need to manually re-add a node, and then click: Manual Subscription. Finally save & apply. Figure 3


Set Internet access

method one:

  • Select the **Node List** tab (Figure 4), select a node you want, click Use, and then select TCP Internet access to complete the Internet access.


Method 2:

  • Select Basic Settings tab (Figure 5), select TCP Node, select the node you want to use, Save&Apply, complete the Internet access.

Note, be sure to make sure that the main switch is ticked.


Finally, open your browser and visit google to try it out. end. sprinkle flowers~

configuration complete
~ END ~