Openwrt soft routing SSR+ plug-in configuration network March 17, 2020 | 1 min Read

Openwrt soft routing SSR+ plug-in configuration network


The ui interface of different versions of SSR+ may be different, and the subscription of SSR+ will be relatively stable. The error rate is less. Recommended Use. SSR+ and SSR Plus are short for ShadowSocksr Plus+

openwrt plug-in cannot provide downloading (compatibility issue), you need to flash the plug-in firmware by yourself.

Preliminary preparation - get subscription address

  • Computer desktop browser input browser input Select Subscribe ➔ My Subscription , find the “One-click Subscribe” button, Click “Copy Subscription Address”. Figure 0
Figure 0 Browser input "", copy subscription

SSR+ configure subscription and open proxy connection

  • Enter the Openwrt soft router address in the browser, select [Service] ➔ [ShadowSocksr Plus+] in the menu, and enter ShadowSocksr Plus+ configuration

    Select 【 Server Node

    For the server node, select the subscription link copied from the NextNet console and paste it to SS/SSR/V2Ray/Trojan subscription URL. After adding, scroll to the bottom and click Save&Apply. Finish adding. figure 1


  • Start internet connection

    Go to the OpenWrt router web management page, select the SSR+Client tab page

    1. Check if ShadowSocksr Plus+ shows Running (Picture 2), if it is not running, please enable it.
    2. Select the main server, select the node, and click Save&Apply (Figure 2) to complete the settings.
    3. To check whether it is successful, select Google Connection Check and Baidu Connection Check (Figure 3) to test domestic and international networks respectively.
    4. Open your browser and visit google to try it out. end. sprinkle flowers~

Figure 2 Check whether it is running

Figure 3 Check and test for success

configuration complete
~ END ~