Stash for iOS(iPhone/iPad) configure network March 14, 2020 | 1 min Read

Stash for iOS(iPhone/iPad) configure network

Stash (niche & new APP)

Note: It can no longer be downloaded from the App Store in Mainland China, please use an Apple ID account in other regions to download, such as an Apple ID in the United States

(log in to the US Apple ID in the App Store to download)

Click to install Stash ⇱

Method 1: Obtain the subscription address and enable it automatically

Enter (Figure A0) in the iPhone/iPad browser, select Subscribe ➔ My Subscription, find the “One-click Subscribe” button, and click “Import to Stash”, the Stash app will pop up automatically, the automatic import is successful (Figure A1), select the node (Figure A2), connect and run (Figure A3). Select “Configure”, and finally choose your own reasonable node, just like this is done.


Import subscriptions to Stash (Figure A0)
webhooks webhooks webhooks

(Picture A1) Import automatically ➔ (Picture A2) select node and (Picture A3) connect successfully
Automatic configuration complete
~ END ~