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Note: The following prices are for reference. All prices and packages are subject to the Panel console.

A monthly plan

$2.99 /mo

Affordable large network traffic

  • Proprietary IDC Line/Business VIP Line
  • Common routes to Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA and other countries
  • Unlock with streaming media
  • Unlimited speed
Free trial

Annual plan

$25.99 /ann

Maximum offer

  • Proprietary IDC Line/Business VIP Line
  • Common routes to Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA and other countries
  • Unlock with streaming media
  • Unlimited speed
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Unlimited data plan

$0.139 /Gb(reference)

The more traffic, the cheaper

  • Proprietary IDC Line/Business VIP Line
  • Common routes to Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA and other countries
  • Unlock with streaming media
  • Unlimited speed
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Streaming media package

$59,9 /ann

Best For Large Individuals

  • unlock Netfilx
  • Unlock Disney + D+
  • Unlock Amazon Prime Video
  • Other package nodes can be used
  • Unlimited speed
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High end special line

$- /ann

Operating the IDC line

  • Exclusive IP segment service Independent Resources
  • One to one service by special person, special line to the terminal, manual opening by special person
  • Unlock streaming perfectly
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Frequently asked questions from users

Currently supports Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and Linux systems. You can install it on Windows PCS, Macs, Android phones, tablets, apple TV, Android TV, iPhone, iPad, Openwrt software and Linux devices.

There is only one website for NEXTNET. – The official NEXTNET website with a separate download and purchase page. We are developing the latest client, which will be launched in various application products soon. Users can only access and operate on the official website for the time being.

Direct connection mode: All access is not brokered, directly via the local operator. Global mode: All access to the computer goes through the agent
Rules/Intelligent mode: Using preset website proxy rules, intelligent selection of websites for proxy access

The network status is different in each region. If you need to log in to the website or game in the region, choose the line in the corresponding region. The line with lower latency is preferred.

NEXTNET in order to ensure the quality of traffic, there are reasonable traffic limits; In order to fully meet your surfing experience, we have developed a rich and reasonable package, simple, high quality, low cost.

It is recommended not to use global mode all the time, please go to Settings to turn off the global switch, use the rule mode, intelligent mode, configuration mode can be used (different name is almost the generic name of these).

Yes, NEXTNET is secure. We attach great importance to privacy and data protection, we use SSL TLS encryption technology; Our system will automatically clean up inactive accounts, so that you have no worries. While keeping your digital account secure, zero logging is guaranteed.

The abbreviation in the line name is usually the name of the Internet service provider.
For example: HKT, HKBN, APNIC, HKCM, PCCW, HiNet, Softban.
Or to support a specific video platform,
For example, AbemaTV: indicates that the line supports AbemaTV video playback.
Iplayer BBC: indicates that the line supports Iplayer BBC video playback.
Netfilx: indicates that the cable supports Netfilx video playback.
Viaplay: indicates that the line supports Viaplay video playback.
VIU: indicates that the line supports VIU video playback or indicates a specific line,
For example:
Relay: indicates that the line is a transit line. For example, HK Relay is a transit line from Hong Kong. BGP IPLC: indicates that the line is a network adaptive line.

The line list is mainly grouped according to the country or region where the server is located. In order to facilitate users to find the required line and watch videos or bittorrent download special needs, special groups are also made.
StreamingThe line of this group can unlock the streaming video, and the streaming websites marked in the line name can be accessed and watched. The words Netflix and HBO indicate that the line supports viewing of Netflix and HBO videos.

Yes, there will be a free trial for a limited amount of time after the first connection.
Invite your friends to use through email (link), your friends recharge for the first time, you and get a certain rebate, you can pay for the package.

NEXTNET have 3 days money back guarantee, within 3 days after purchase, unconditional refund, can be submitted to our work order ( , contact customer service to apply for a full refund.
Alipay, UnionPay card and PayPal orders are expected to be returned to the payment account in 1-3 days;
Credit card orders are expected to arrive in 5-10 working days. Please be patient.

Currently support credit card, UnionPay card, Alipay, wechat, PayPal and other payment methods.

For the security of your account and personal information, we do not recommend sharing with others, and any loss caused by sharing with others will be borne by you.
Note: Illegally sharing accounts or peddling accounts to others. The system will automatically determine, interrupt the service, close the account, and no refund is supported.

Device quantity refers to the number of devices that can be used online at the same time. You can install it on multiple devices, and purchase any package and follow the package instructions to use multiple devices online at the same time.

NEXTNET is for business people. For the whole or partial use of multinational business companies, we will use private high-speed international network to support your international business. We have professional solutions to ensure the high-speed stability of exclusive lines, so that you can have a better speed experience during peak hours.
Exclusive network directly connected to Hong Kong and other Asian high-quality network, suitable for users with special IP needs, high speed, high security, high stability, low latency requirements for the line

For orders paid by PayPal, this situation is caused by the delay of Posting of orders due to the risk control of PayPal platform, which requires the review of some orders by PayPal platform (the longest is 3 working days).
Using other methods (alipay, unionpay CARDS, Google pay, etc.) payment order, please by work order system ( ) online feedback for your account and order screenshots (four after credit card orders can provide the credit card number and cardholder name), Contact customer service to help you solve the inquiry.

If the traffic exceeds your usage, you can buy the traffic package, valid for the current month, please use your discretion to buy enough.

Please turn off QUIC in Chrome browser to test, the specific operation method: chrome://flags/#enable-quic, click <-disable->

This is because some nodes need to turn off the global mode to watch. Please reconnect the line after turning off the global mode in the software setting. Or the current IP line is used too many people, please switch the node.

Netflix has strict regional copyright, different regions, different IP can see different content, so need independent IP agent for different countries to unlock.

  1. Your router has enabled IPV6 support, please disable it. The IPV6 line, however, has no proxy. Description Netfilx detected.
    2. If IPV6 is disabled, use another line to unlock it and then reconnect.

Supported. Sometime you need turn on Global Proxy and reconnect to Disney+ to watch. Note: Disney+ is not compatible with the device. If you encounter any errors while watching, you can visit the Disney+ website for a solution.

Partially supported. Only HBO MAX US regional lines are supported. Note: HBO subtitles are not supported in all languages.
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